Get Hyped

12 08 2010

Whats that you say? You want some more character design screen shots from DAMNIT! BILL. Stay tuned.. Moving Box is overly excited about releasing a new cartoon!

Dammit Bill

11 07 2010

A quick screen shot from an upcoming short cartoon by Moving Box Studios Dammit Bill Stay tuned =)

4 12 2009

This is what I'm doing tonight

Eye surgery, not sugary. [coming soon]

Maddie run cycle

11 10 2009

Here’s a run cycle for Maddie, one of the stars of the upcoming cartoon Java, hot off the scanner!

Cycle by Emily Benning. Music by Ayurveda.

The Ultimate Warrior VS Stormtroopers

24 09 2009

We did it. MCDeathBear and I completed this little ditty in about two weeks. It’s all your childhood fantasies in the way you always wanted them. That’s right, The Ultimate Warrior from from WWF battling Star Wars Stormtroopers. You’re a nerd right? You get this kind of stuff.

I should warn you, it does include some Gratuitous Violence.

Here’s the video on YouTube:

Recording sound in the recording studio

Working last week

Working on Warrior

21 09 2009

MC Death Bear and Chris “DJ Name” Davidson working on The Ultimate Warrior VS Stormtroopers. Woo fun late night animation session.

We’ve submitted the Olympus Burger pilot to Adult Swim!

27 04 2009

Today, we mailed the Olympus Burger pilot episode and bible to the late-night Cartoon Network block, Adult Swim! Getting onto Adult Swim has been our goal for Olympus Burger since the beginning (which was almost four years ago) so we’re keeping our fingers and everything else crossed.

This picture was taken six minutes before the post office closed, but Chris* turned into The Flash and got it there just in time. He was locked in the post office for a couple minutes afterwards, but then he turned into the Hulk and…asked the lady at the desk to let him out.

Unless the mail gnomes get at it, the package will arrive in Adult Swim’s submission box tomorrow. We’ll put up another post when we hear from them, so check back soon!

*Even though that little sign says “Connor,” that’s Chris. Trust me.