Moving Box Partners Up With The Center for Transformative Action

1 10 2010

Moving Box is excited to announce a new partnership with the Center for Transformative Action to produce a series of promotional videos about their project partners. Moving Box is set to shoot videos covering the Veterans’ Sanctuary, the Tompkins County Workers’ Center, and The Life Writing Project. The CTA defines transformative action as “seeking to solve social problems by acting on the unseen threads that connect us all, rather than focusing efforts on defeating adversaries.” These videos, production of which is already underway, will be designed to educate viewers about what the philosophy of transformative action looks like in practice.

Moving Box Work Featured on Ithaca Post

23 08 2010

Luke made his second video contribution to The Ithaca Post with a piece about Elisa Sciscioli, frontwoman for the local Ithaca band Solstice. You can find his piece on the Ithaca Post’s website by clicking here. It’s fascinating to hear her talk about her inner life of meditation and how it has helped her find her own voice and the strength to make the move to center stage after her career as a backup singer. For those not familiar with The Ithaca Post, it is a terrific source for music, art, and culture in Upstate New York and features a host of high-quality contributors. Be sure to check them out over at

Deb Newman Pilates DVD series

11 03 2010

Hey everyone!  Hopefully you’ve been thinking to yourself, “I wish I had a Pilates instructional dvd to work out to.” Well, soon enough you will! Moving Box was hired to produce an instructional Pilates series by Deborah Newman, owner and operator of Grow Fit Studio. This project will be a 4 disk dvd set that covers various Pilate exercises. Each dvd will be comprised of a beginner and advanced routine. The first video focuses on the Pilates ball that everyone enjoys playing with. Moving Box is shooting the videos in Deb’s home studio, which is the same studio she uses to teach her classes. It will be like having her in your very own living room, whispering in your ear to stretch just a little bit further. The project is currently in production and Moving Box hopes to have the first dvd completed by the end of March. So, start stretching!

– Dr. Z

Update 4/20/09

21 04 2009

Here’s some more content to make you drool – it’s a short animation titled “Meet Java!” where you’ll “meet” Java, Heidi, and Maddie – the three main characters from the upcoming series created by Danielle ChillemiJava!
Watch it on Newgrounds too, and remember to vote 5!
The Java pilot episode is coming out this summer, so stay tuned.

Purgatory Pizza Premier!

6 12 2008

Hey Everybody! Christian Taranto aka MC DEATH BEAR is back in town and we’re going to be finishing the Purgatory Pizza Pilot! Some of you may have seen the rough cut of Part 1 on Newgrounds. The premier will be the first showing of the full first episode, so be there!

The Premier is at 9:00PM, a Pixel Lounge in Collegetown! If you plan to attend, let us know on Facebook!

The Internet release of the full Purgatory Pizza is scheduled for later this month, so SEE IT FIRST AT THE PREMIER THIS TUESDAY! We’re looking forward to seeing all of you there!

Just a taste…

4 12 2008

It’s going to happen…

Days of our lamps Promo

2 12 2008


12 10 2008

Screenshot from Purgatory Pizza

Elephant’s Lullaby image

12 10 2008

Java Promo img

6 10 2008