Moving Box Presents: Tombstoned

7 05 2010

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to blog about this project as you might notice it starring a handful of devilishly handsome, rogue agents by the names of Mark Spellman, Nicoli Schwiep & Joe Zohar. Tombstoned is my boy Dillon McCarthy’s S.V.A. thesis film about a shitty trio of astronauts who realize, that as far as contributions to the world go, the best they can hope for is to be the first men stoned on the moon. The film was shot in Moving Box’s live room at the end of last summer. In just under a year Dillon, and his SVA cohorts, handled all the post production for the film. Dillon just wrapped up the post production and delivered to us a gem of what collaboration can bring, as Dillon also just finished up compositing a scene for Chalk Outlines (due out this fall btw) that will blow minds. I love the studio and the people who come in it to create!

– Dr. Z

Jimkata site Launches and Moving Box Provides the Video Content

22 04 2010

Jimkata Video for “Gimme”

Jimkata, an innovative Electro-Rock Collective from Oneonta, NY Launched their new website and Moving Box Studios Supplied some great content. Jimkata will be releasing one video each week from a Live performance at the scenic Castaways on 3/5/10 that Moving Box Was there to record.
We love assisting bands in establishing their digital presence and what better way with sleek, professionally shot and edited HD videos.
Check Jimkata’s website out at


Moving Box joins the Chamber of Commerce.

26 03 2010

Hey everyone! Moving Box is on its way up. You are now looking at the newest
members of the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce. We are set to be
featured in April’s Chambergram, which circulates in the county. We have come a
long way since 2005, when Moving Box was just an idea. Now it’s 2010 and we
have a newly renovated studio, a great team of people working with us and a
fantastic group of local and national clients. Much love to everyone that has helped
and contributed along the way to get Moving Box where it is today. Cheers!

-Dr. Z

Dr. Z mixtape – Let’s Go Fishing

4 03 2010

Hey everyone, so I finally got off my lazy digital ass and made a mixset of some of my incarnations of electronic music. There’s a good blend of house, tech house, drum and bass, dubstep, and grime. A little of what has been caught in my digital fishnet over the past few months. I hope you like music that make’s your booty go back, cause thats whats about to go down as soon as you hit play. The artwork is the first part of the overall theme for the mixes in the Island of Dr. Z series. Hope you enjoy the music as there is plenty more to come.

Volunteering at Cinemapolis

20 05 2009

Here at Moving Box Studios, we not only believe in creating independent media, but also in supporting our local community in Ithaca, NY.  Today a large group of the Moving Box team volunteered our time painting and cleaning the new Cinemapolis theatre.  We had a great time and highly recommend it.

They still need more volunteers before they’re grand reopening.  
For more information go to

Moving Box in The Lansing Star

4 05 2009

What do you get when you put together a video studio with a recording studio, animation, wedding videos, and media transfer services? The answer is Moving Box Studios , an Ithaca based multi-media studio hidden away in the Community School of Music and Art building.

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Coming Tomorrow

9 01 2008

The creator of Bacon Samurai is fixin’ to learn you sum’tin. Includes behind the scenes bonus features.

“It’s the most genius thing ever.” – Laura Zdan, Intern

Promoting on the blogosphere

30 12 2007

Chris here. So apparently blogosphere is a ‘real’ word, according to I made a bunch of behind the scenes changes to the blog to boost hits, as well as redesigned a spiffy new logo for the top right.

it sure is crazy time

14 12 2007

Hey so it’s about 2:34 AM and Chris has been working all day and was just looking for a reason to post this. His name is SeatBelt, after his layer’s name. He was drawn by wright, colored by me, and loved by god and all his children. he is a fuzzy muffin.

New Website!!!

12 09 2007

Holy crap did you hear? Moving Box Studios FINALLY has a website! It’s as if God parted the heavens and said “Alright guys, I’ve fucked with you on the internet enough. Let there be webs!”

And there was.