AuditionHQ upgrades

7 10 2007

Hey, Chris here. AuditionHQ has had some upgrades, including an awesome new file uploading solution from the cool dudes over at Encodable Industries. It’s super sweet Ajax with upload bar and in browser FTP (not currently enabled). Way more reliable than the old PHP script that didn’t work for anyone except me. The JAVA AUDITIONS have been extended an extra week for the people who’ve had trouble submitting. Launches!

20 09 2007

Hey, Chris here. Just launched a new website,! It’s a site made for artists, actors, and creative people. Think of it as an online database of local auditions for hand selected work, including paying gigs. I’m having a little trouble with the form (500-Internal Server Error bullcrap), but once I get that figured out you’ll be able to submit auditions directly from the site.

Currently it’s been only released here and to my Facebook friend’s list. Soon to be flyered in the town of Ithaca, and eventually posted as a bulletin on our mySpace.

We’ve got two auditions running right now, check em out. We’re looking for Character Artists for a new 60 second animation created by Danielle Chillemi, and we’re offing a $250 Contract to the artist who wins! Head over to now!


New Website Layout

31 07 2007

Chris here,

Got a new web design layout done in Photoshop. I’m hoping I can get it up this week.