I’m Loving Lynda.com

12 10 2010

Jeff Hellman, one of Moving Box’s videographers and graphic artists, has been working on a variety of projects using the latest in professional creative software. In order to learn new tricks and keep his skills sharp, Jeff has been using the tutorial services offered by Lynda.com. He has been so pleased with the tutorials that he wanted to pass along this great site to you guys.

As we progress day by day with new technology and software advancements changing constantly, it’s important to stay in the know. This is why I’m loving Lynda.com. As a premium member, I have access to over 54,000 online video tutorials instantly. Now, whenever I have a question about how to do something with creative software, it’s just a click away. Lynda.com has tutorials and info about a variety software the Moving Box team uses on a daily basis including After Effects, Final Cut Pro, 3D Max, Flash, Photoshop, and ProTools. Lynda.com also offers tons of other tutorials on a wide variety of other software. Don’t need tutorials for professional creative software? They have tutorials for eBay, Excel, PowerPoint, and lots of other software we all use on a daily basis. Lynda.com offers a great service so go and check them out!

– Jeff Hellman

Moving Box Studios loves the kids!

11 07 2010

Moving Box Studios was asked to produce a video for G.I.A.C. (The Greater Ithaca Activities Center) for their participation in the Sober Drinking, Smoking, and Tripping Campaign. The kids at G.I.A.C. came up with the idea for the video and decided to center it around Sobe Drinks, and are looking to submit it to the company in hopes of airing it. Moving Box Studios loves producing skits and even more so… loves to be apart of the community here in Ithaca NY. We are very proud to be apart of this video… Enjoy