Sustainable Enterprise & Entrepreneur Network

29 09 2010

The Sustainable Enterprise & Entrepreneur Network, or “SEEN“, is a local network of businesses and entrepreneurs in the Finger Lakes Region who are working together to maximize ecological and social health as well as financial success for local business. The SEEN has been holding events for nine months and was officially launched at this month’s event at the La Tourelle resort in Ithaca, New York. This promotional video was produced by Moving Box’s own Luke Gustafson played to a banquet hall filled with conscientious local business owners.

Erin Hilgartner Audition Videos

23 08 2010

Joe shot these auditions for Erin Hilgartner with the support of her family for several professional casting calls. This isn’t the first time the Hilgartners have come back to Moving Box to put together audition reels. The Hilgartners have worked with Moving Box on several occasions to get the most out of Erin’s performances.

The Hilgartners understand the importance of making the best impression possible and know that Moving Box is the best suited to help do so. Moving Box takes the time to put together quality audition tapes that really help the actor stand out from their competition. We love to get the chance to work with up and coming actors and have never seen such determination from someone as young as Erin. For her to have her family in her corner along the is a very special thing. She is very talented and it is only a matter of time before she has her big break.

Working with the Ithaca Police Department

19 02 2010

Laying down the law near you...if in Ithaca.

Hey everyone, so Moving Box just got hired by the I.P.D. to make a recruitment video. They are always looking for dedicated officers to join the force and thought that Moving Box could help by providing a video overview of all the departments to entice possible applicants. We will start with an intitial 30 second to a minute spot that will be on their website and broadcast in the greater New York area. I’ve had limited interaction with the police in general and realize that it’s not so bad if your on the right side of the prison bars. We will be filming them at Chili fest this weekend, and if around make sure you interact with them as you could be on TV, how exciting, right! I will update you with more as I have another shoot with them this upcoming week at the shooting range where they will be showcasing their S.W.A.T. bus. Theirs a rumor I might be able to pop off some rounds and am kinda excited about it! Til next time.

– Dr. Z