Moving Box Partners Up With The Center for Transformative Action

1 10 2010

Moving Box is excited to announce a new partnership with the Center for Transformative Action to produce a series of promotional videos about their project partners. Moving Box is set to shoot videos covering the Veterans’ Sanctuary, the Tompkins County Workers’ Center, and The Life Writing Project. The CTA defines transformative action as “seeking to solve social problems by acting on the unseen threads that connect us all, rather than focusing efforts on defeating adversaries.” These videos, production of which is already underway, will be designed to educate viewers about what the philosophy of transformative action looks like in practice.

Last Call: All Male A Capella Group

16 08 2010

Last Call, Cornell University’s all male a capella group, came to Moving Box Studios looking for a professional quality video to put out on DVD. This year was Last Call’s alumni reunion year and they wanted to make sure it was captured in the best possible way. Moving Box answered the call. Jeff, Luke, Nick, and Joe recorded and edited a three camera shoot of their reunion concert .The production consisted of several original songs and covers from various bands and singers known to all. They did an amazing job and was a pleasure to document such a talented group.


Journal of Visualized Experiments

21 04 2010

Moving Box videography wiz kid Nicolai has been putting on his lab coat and safety goggles while shooting footage for the Journal of Visualized Experiments. JoVE is an online science journal that posts videos of research and experiments instead of just simply putting up the results. Nic has covered some crazy experiments over at University of Rochester Medical Center, Syracuse University Medical Center, and is on his way to Cornell. He’s covered quite a few experiments and trust us, these aren’t high school level Bunsen burning shenanigans. We can’t get into to too much detail here, but he has seen some sweet stuff like bacteria using a hive mind to think and examining tumor development to find better ways to fight cancer. This is just another step in Moving Box’s master plan of making the movie “Weird Science” a reality.

– Dr. Z

Cornell Lecture Series: Perspectives On Design

21 04 2010

Hey everyone, I have been shooting footage of Cornell’s Lecture Series “Perspectives On Design”. The AAP Department is bringing in guest lecturers to talk about how art and business are merging in today’s marketplace as well as share their personal insight and experiences. So far, Cornell has brought in big name artists Jordan Crandall and Maurice Benayoun. They’ve talked about their bodies of work and the challenges they have had to tackle in the art world. Its been a great opportunity for art students to get to listen in and pick the brains of internationally successful artists. So far its been a great experience to be a part of, these guys definitely know their stuff (Google them, check out some of their work!). I’m set to cover a few more artists in April and I’ll be sure to let you know who drops in for the next series of lectures.

-Dr. Z

Money Mars Live @ Castaways Ithaca NY

23 02 2010

Moving Box Studios’ Joe Zohar shot and edited this dope video of Money Mar’s Live performance at Castaways in Ithaca NY. Money Mars along with Kid Vision and DJ Grumble took over the place and were the opening act for underground hip-hip legend Canibus (LL Cool J feud anyone?). Money Mars is currently recording new tracks at Moving Box Studios and Kid Vision and DJ Grumble are apart of the Moving Box family and have been recording most of their new beats right here at our studio! Keep an eye on these guys big things are coming! Campaign

17 08 2009

Hey Everyone, Just got done producing these three promotional videos for

Zampus is doing some wonderful things to help acclimate incoming and current students with their campus. Zampus is a place where you can “Learn” about whats going on around campus, a place where you can “Vent” about anything bothering you without being censored by any administrators, and a place where anyone, including business’s, can “promote” themselves to the student body without any bias. All in all a pretty powerful website that is fused with you existing facebook account so you don’t have to reinvent your social networking wheel.

One of the most fun projects I have worked on in a while. Enjoy!

– Joe Zohar

MBS Summer 2009 Interns

14 05 2009

Moving Box Studios is proud to welcome our new internship team. We have a talented group working with us and look forward to a productive summer.
Keep checking the blog to see what develops.

Oh, and have you seen the new video player on

From left to right
Dan Curtain, Kevin Schultz, Steve Gillingham, Chris Davidson, Emily Benning, Nancy Foytho.

Interested in joining the Moving Box Studios crew?
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