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12 08 2010

Whats that you say? You want some more character design screen shots from DAMNIT! BILL. Stay tuned.. Moving Box is overly excited about releasing a new cartoon!


3 08 2010

Dj CUT MAN and MC DEATH BEAR at OTAKON 2010Big news for Moving Box’s own Chris & Christian ( aka Dj CUT MAN and MC DEATH BEAR ): This weekend they headed down to Baltimore, MD to attend OTAKON, the east coast’s largest Anime and Japanese Culture festival attending approximately 30,000 people. The convention is named after the Japanese word “Otaku” which is used to refer to people obsessed with Japanese animation (anime), Japanese comics (manga) or Video Games.

This was a big milestone for Dj CUT MAN, Chris’ project proudly sporting the tagline of “Video Game DJ,” as it was a live performance in front of thousands of Otakon goers. Dj CUT MAN played his new mix, DUBTROPOLIS (available soon on SoundCloud), a collection of Dub-Step influenced Chiptune songs. If none of those words make sense to you, here’s a song that exemplifies the musical style. MC Death Bear became a true Master of Cerimonies that night, hyping the crowd and providing vocal interludes and shout outs throughout the set.

MC Death Bear has been creating art for Dj CUT MAN for months, and is responbile for the killer flyers for the series of shows at Ithaca’s own Waffle Frolic. Dj CUT MAN has created three full-length mix albums so far and his fourth is expected in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more.

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14 07 2010

So my good friend Jessica Weston was overly awesome enough to stay in town for the weekend (breaking her other plans) just to take pictures at my art show DANCE ON YOUR GRAVE. Sadly her flash decided to die so we just got a couple good pictures from the show but no worries… there will be so much more rad art shows/dance parties from MC DEATH BEAR in the future LOL. There was a really good turn out for the night and I think the show was an ultra success. I’d like to thank Jessica Weston for taking photos for the show, DJ CUTMAN for rocking some mad dope chiptunes at the opening, HomeGrown Board Shop for letting me book an art show at their store, Pixel Lounge for letting me book my after party there, Mario B for coming up and completely KILLING ITHACA NY, All my brothers who came from Buffalo for the show, My housemate and Moving Box Studios co-worker Nicoli for running a video camera for the show (video coming soon!) and YOU all the MC DEATH BEAR CUBS who support me… Thanks!

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18 06 2010

MC DEATH BEAR (Moving Box Animator and graphic artist) is having his 4th solo art show DANCE ON YOUR GRAVE will be July 2nd, 7-9pm @HomeGrown Board Shop Ithaca, NY. He’ll be making all new stencils and pixel/lego for the show! Also fellow Moving Box Studios flash animator and sound engineer Chris Davidson aka DJ CUTMAN will be playing video game music/chip-tunes at the opening! Be there DEATH BEAR CUBS!

The DANCE ON YOUR GRAVE after party will be at Pixel Lounge starting at 10pm, 21 and up, no cover, and will be DJed by overly dope Buffalo NY based DJ… MARIO B! So after checking out the dope art work DANCE ON SOME GRAVES!

The most epic flyer I’ve ever made… a Zombie Bear with a chainsaw hand?! Yea that just happened LOL


6 02 2010

Moving Box Studios staff crushed the place with Dr.Z (Joe Zohar) and DJ Cut Man (Chris Davidson) busting the tunes, and of course Moving Box Studio’s own MC DEATH BEAR suppling the overly dope art! Our friend Jessica Weston was overly rad and took pictures during my art show RETURN OF THE DEATH BEAR this past thursday! You can see more of Jessica’s photography on here facebook page Jessica Jean Weston Photography . Also (and fellow’s blogger) Jake Barber was there recording the night and should have a video made in a couple weeks from the show… so stayed tuned! (Also I realized that I don’t have pictures of the new art alone… I’ll go back and take some pictures once I get the chance!)

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24 01 2010

NEW ART SHOW! Feb 4th 10pm @ Pixel Lounge Ithaca NY 21 and up This will be my 3rd art show at Pixel and I’ll be showing new lego/pixel artwork along with larger scale recreations of some of my more famous tags and some all new stencils! I wont be the only person reping Moving Box Studios at the show. Dj Air Man aka Chris Davidson will be playing a video game/chiptune set followed by Dr.Z aka Joe Zohar pumping house/drum and bass to close out the night! Also my buddy Jake Barber will be there documenting the night and making a video with the footage for the blog! So come check out the new art, party your face off, and dance on people’s graves with the Moving Box staff!

Chris & MC Deathbear at MAGFest 8

13 01 2010

From December 31st – January 4th, Chris and MC Death Bear were in Alexandria, VA for the 8th annual MAGFest convention. MC Death Bear was selling his art and promoting the Moving Box animation Purgatory Pizza, coming soon to DVD!

It was a fun time, for sure, and MC Death Bear sold a lot of art. The MAGFest crew set up arcade games on free play and tons of console games throughout the hotel. There were panel discussions by a number of video game and voiceover celebrities, and nearly constant music performance from everything from chip-tune circuit benders to classical musicians, playing video game and video game inspired tunes. There were even live painters and hard-core cosplayers, all the ingredients for a dork-tastic good time. Definitely going next year. Check out more info at

Cutting the Bossk stencil

1 10 2009

MC Death Bear hard at work, cutting his new stencil of Bossk from Star Wars

Coming Oh-So Soon: Purgatory Pizza

19 03 2009

The flash version of Purgatory Pizza is coming soon!
Creator Christian Taranto, AKA MC Death Bear, took a twelve-hour bus ride from Virginia up to our studio last Friday, and he’s been working non-stop since he arrived.

Talk about dedication! But what would you expect from a guy who’s almost finished with a concept he started in ninth grade? That’s right, Purgatory Pizza was first conceptualized when Christian was a freshman in high school. Back then, it was a comic strip. It’s gone through many revision since then. At the beginning, it was known as “Outcasts,” and there wasn’t even a pizza place! But over the years, he’s worked at several pizza places, so he eventually decided to put his work experience to good use (or bad, who knows? It’s Purgatory).

Now at 22, Christian’s thrilled to see his teenage doodles come to life in magnificent moving media magic, not to mention that he’s at the helm of it all. But Christian isn’t the only one working. Chris Davidson’s been leading the animation, and he and Jeff Hellman have been hard at work on the sound design.

In fact, it was because of Chris Davidson that Purgatory Pizza got started on the road to cartoon-dom. Back in December 2007, Christian had an art show at Pixel Lounge. During the show, he mentioned how he had an idea for a cartoon and wanted to make it, and he was referred to Moving Box Studios by local DJ Chris Capulet. Christian had always be interested in animation, but he never got the chance until he and Chris teamed up.

Just like The Elephant’s Lullaby, Moving Box will be putting together a “making of” video for Purgatory Pizza. It’ll include commentary from those already mentioned, plus Christian’s cousin Law Tarello, the co-writer of the cartoon. Law will be arriving at the studio this Saturday to share his thoughts.

We’re in the final pruduction stage of the final cut, but if you need something to do before Purgatory Pizza is released, head to where Christian is a staff writer. No kidding, Christian isn’t just an artist and budding animator; he’s a talented writer as well.

Need something else? Get a Purgatory Pizza refresher – watch the teaser for the cartoon on Newgrounds.

Purgatory Pizza Premier!

6 12 2008

Hey Everybody! Christian Taranto aka MC DEATH BEAR is back in town and we’re going to be finishing the Purgatory Pizza Pilot! Some of you may have seen the rough cut of Part 1 on Newgrounds. The premier will be the first showing of the full first episode, so be there!

The Premier is at 9:00PM, a Pixel Lounge in Collegetown! If you plan to attend, let us know on Facebook!

The Internet release of the full Purgatory Pizza is scheduled for later this month, so SEE IT FIRST AT THE PREMIER THIS TUESDAY! We’re looking forward to seeing all of you there!