Abune Merkorios Opens New Church, Moving Box Team On Hand

1 09 2010
Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church (EOTC), His Holiness Abune Merkorios, officially opened the St. Mary of Zion Church’s new building in New York on, Nov. 28. 2009. This marked a special day in the church’s history and the Patriarch’s visit was heavily publicized. Moving Box Videographers Matt Lenz and Jeffery Hellman captured the event and this is a brief recap of the momentous day.

Working with the Ithaca Police Department

19 02 2010

Laying down the law near you...if in Ithaca.

Hey everyone, so Moving Box just got hired by the I.P.D. to make a recruitment video. They are always looking for dedicated officers to join the force and thought that Moving Box could help by providing a video overview of all the departments to entice possible applicants. We will start with an intitial 30 second to a minute spot that will be on their website and broadcast in the greater New York area. I’ve had limited interaction with the police in general and realize that it’s not so bad if your on the right side of the prison bars. We will be filming them at Chili fest this weekend, and if around make sure you interact with them as you could be on TV, how exciting, right! I will update you with more as I have another shoot with them this upcoming week at the shooting range where they will be showcasing their S.W.A.T. bus. Theirs a rumor I might be able to pop off some rounds and am kinda excited about it! Til next time.

– Dr. Z

Photos from the Art Show

24 12 2009

David Korman was kind enough to present himself and bring his camera to the Moving Box Art Show this past week. Here are some of his photos, the complete set is on flickr.

Art show tonight at Moving Box

18 12 2009

Hey everyone! So a lot of work has gone into getting this show ready. We have added a lot of functionality to the studio to properly display the amazing artwork that has been contributed to the show. We hope to see everyone there and know that it will be an amazing time. Come out and support the local artists of this town. Local band (Ayurveda) performing 2 live sets, local art from over 10 local artists (including myself who will be presenting a visual art piece for Ayurveda’s show), and your local studio (Moving Box Studios, Hazaa!) You get all this for only $10 . Pretty incredumalous if you ask me. We hope to keep doing more of these type of events. See you there! (BYOB)

– Dr. Z 

New lights and paintings for exhibit this Friday

16 12 2009

Hey everyone so here are a couple of pics of the new track lights we have for this Fridays show.

The show will feature 7-8 local artists living in Ithaca.

Ayurveda will be playing live music with a newly fashioned visualizer that I am working on for them.

Gonna be a sick evening.

Tzlil Hadass

Painting created by Tzlil Hadass

Painting created by Sam Sprague

– Dr. Z

Ayurveda @ Grassroots ’09

21 08 2009

Ayurveda @ Grassroots ’09 from Moving Box Studios on Vimeo.

Hey everyone, really proud to have this up. Two camera shoot with me and my man Nicoli. We got treated to an amazing performance from Ayurveda and am glad to be able to show it to all of you through our onstage eyes. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more content from Moving Box!

– Joe Zohar

One More Saturday Night

28 07 2009

Moving Box Studios would like to send a special thank you to the Lost Dog Cafe and all of the amazing performers at our fundraiser event, One More Saturday Night.

Check out Moving Box Studios’ very own DJ BEAT BOX performing Video Games.

We especially would like to thank the band AyurvedA for an incredible performance.

Watch our video of AyurvedA’s Planck Time, live at the Grassroots music festival.