12 10 2009

Will Arbuckle over at Edible Castle, (creators of Edible Castle) have created their first game! It’s an awesomely voice-acted Back To The Future 3 spoof (really? kinda.),and it’s called Back to the Cubeture . It’s goofy and great and you should play it now. You don’t even have to read!


Working on Warrior

21 09 2009

MC Death Bear and Chris “DJ Name” Davidson working on The Ultimate Warrior VS Stormtroopers. Woo fun late night animation session.

Pushing Flash Animation (Escape from Nevara)

24 01 2009

Check out Escape from Nevara by Zeurel over at Newgrounds. It’s an animated continuation of a his online comic book on deviantART. Awesome art direction, animation and sound, this is definitely one to look out for.

Escape from Nevara: Episode 1 on Newgrounds.com


Elephant’s Lullaby

17 12 2008

It’s refreshing to see a bit of childhood in the midst of adult life.

Tom Knight’s children’s music video The Elephant’s Lullaby has culminated its production with Moving Box and can be seen on Newgrounds and Youtube.

The animation was featured on the Newgrounds homepage this weekend. The Elephant’s Lullaby is a children’s ballad about a small elephant that won’t go to sleep.

OnlyCORP – Olympus Burger

18 10 2008

World-Wide Mega-Company ONLYCORP sells you Olympus Burger on Newgrounds!

Watch and VOTE 5!

Epsilon – Killer game by Armor Games

15 06 2008

Woah, I just played through Epsilon on Newgrounds, and I am impressed. Challenging but not overly hard, this is a simple portal game with high production value. Great sound, visuals and gameplay, Epsilon is worth checking out. Just another example of how developers are raising the bar on Flash games. xBox Arcade, anyone?

The Story of Khale 2

10 05 2008

Kevin Okulolo, a 19 year old animator out of UC Davis has released the second episode of The Story of Khale. The first one was the closest thing I’ve seen to the work of Adam Phillips, the guy who is probably the best Flash animator out there. So check it out. Kevin has a bright future in animation ahead of him.

Olympus Burger – Best of Week at NG

15 03 2008

Thought I’d post this screenshot, both parts of OB in the top 10 of the week!

Olympus Burger – Best of Week at NG

15 03 2008

Thought I’d post this screenshot, both parts of OB in the top 10 of the week!

Olympus Burger #5 of All Time!

14 03 2008

It’s since changed, but for a day Olympus Burger was #5 of ALL TIME on newgrounds. They cycled Part 2 to the homepage, which brought the scores down (some people saw part 2 before part 1) but I figured I would post this screenshot because it’s awesome.