Cornell Lecture Series: Perspectives On Design

21 04 2010

Hey everyone, I have been shooting footage of Cornell’s Lecture Series “Perspectives On Design”. The AAP Department is bringing in guest lecturers to talk about how art and business are merging in today’s marketplace as well as share their personal insight and experiences. So far, Cornell has brought in big name artists Jordan Crandall and Maurice Benayoun. They’ve talked about their bodies of work and the challenges they have had to tackle in the art world. Its been a great opportunity for art students to get to listen in and pick the brains of internationally successful artists. So far its been a great experience to be a part of, these guys definitely know their stuff (Google them, check out some of their work!). I’m set to cover a few more artists in April and I’ll be sure to let you know who drops in for the next series of lectures.

-Dr. Z

Deb Newman Pilates DVD series

11 03 2010

Hey everyone!  Hopefully you’ve been thinking to yourself, “I wish I had a Pilates instructional dvd to work out to.” Well, soon enough you will! Moving Box was hired to produce an instructional Pilates series by Deborah Newman, owner and operator of Grow Fit Studio. This project will be a 4 disk dvd set that covers various Pilate exercises. Each dvd will be comprised of a beginner and advanced routine. The first video focuses on the Pilates ball that everyone enjoys playing with. Moving Box is shooting the videos in Deb’s home studio, which is the same studio she uses to teach her classes. It will be like having her in your very own living room, whispering in your ear to stretch just a little bit further. The project is currently in production and Moving Box hopes to have the first dvd completed by the end of March. So, start stretching!

– Dr. Z