Deb Newman Pilates DVD series

11 03 2010

Hey everyone!  Hopefully you’ve been thinking to yourself, “I wish I had a Pilates instructional dvd to work out to.” Well, soon enough you will! Moving Box was hired to produce an instructional Pilates series by Deborah Newman, owner and operator of Grow Fit Studio. This project will be a 4 disk dvd set that covers various Pilate exercises. Each dvd will be comprised of a beginner and advanced routine. The first video focuses on the Pilates ball that everyone enjoys playing with. Moving Box is shooting the videos in Deb’s home studio, which is the same studio she uses to teach her classes. It will be like having her in your very own living room, whispering in your ear to stretch just a little bit further. The project is currently in production and Moving Box hopes to have the first dvd completed by the end of March. So, start stretching!

– Dr. Z

Moving Box Junk

18 09 2009

this is our junk

this is our junk

We have a new YouTube account.
It is a place to keep our video junk.
It’s called Movingboxjunk.
But don’t tell anyone.
It’s supposed to be a secret.

Here’s an example of
some super cool junk:

Moving Box in The Lansing Star

4 05 2009

What do you get when you put together a video studio with a recording studio, animation, wedding videos, and media transfer services? The answer is Moving Box Studios , an Ithaca based multi-media studio hidden away in the Community School of Music and Art building.

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The Last Time We Built a Studio

7 02 2008

Here are some photos of Moving Box Studio #1. Hope this will serve as fuel for the fire that is Moving Box Studio #2 in the CSMA. If you have any photos, you can log in with the Google account and add them to the album.

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