6 08 2010

The storyline of H. luminous grew from front man Tom Buchinal’s own study of the 2012 phenomenon. “I began reading, listening, and watching everything I could about the Maya and their culture,” he says. “As soon as I would close one door, another would open. I got very much into the observance of shamanism and began to practice a little on my own. At the time, I had no clue what I was doing. I suppose I still don’t. But H. luminous is about this re-emerging contemporary shamanic vision and practice, being experienced and shared concurrently by more and more people every day. People whom I believe are the direct precursors to the emergence of Homo luminous.” (For more of Burchinal’s musings on the creation of H. luminous, see the album package.)
The music on H. luminous had a similarly intuitive, exploratory origin. Ayurveda’s four instrumentalists actually set out to write that most elusive of things for a progressive rock band, a four-minute single. But the music took them elsewhere, and soon the whole band realized that something much more ambitious was taking shape. Mystical, atmospheric sounds in some parts of the album call to mind Radiohead; other more ponderous and titanic sections evoke the power of Led Zeppelin and the primal virtuosity of Tool. H. luminous was recorded live in the studio, with the four instrumentalists playing together and only the vocals overdubbed later. Burchinal’s parts were added in a similar style later, with all lead and harmony vocals recorded in a single four-hour session. The aim was to capture the intuitive, collaborative vibe in which the album was written.

H.Luminous Album cover art designed by Moving Box Studio’s Nicoli Schwiep

Listen to the whole album!

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14 07 2010

So my good friend Jessica Weston was overly awesome enough to stay in town for the weekend (breaking her other plans) just to take pictures at my art show DANCE ON YOUR GRAVE. Sadly her flash decided to die so we just got a couple good pictures from the show but no worries… there will be so much more rad art shows/dance parties from MC DEATH BEAR in the future LOL. There was a really good turn out for the night and I think the show was an ultra success. I’d like to thank Jessica Weston for taking photos for the show, DJ CUTMAN for rocking some mad dope chiptunes at the opening, HomeGrown Board Shop for letting me book an art show at their store, Pixel Lounge for letting me book my after party there, Mario B for coming up and completely KILLING ITHACA NY, All my SickDamage.com brothers who came from Buffalo for the show, My housemate and Moving Box Studios co-worker Nicoli for running a video camera for the show (video coming soon!) and YOU all the MC DEATH BEAR CUBS who support me… Thanks!

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Money Mars Live @ Castaways Ithaca NY

23 02 2010

Moving Box Studios’ Joe Zohar shot and edited this dope video of Money Mar’s Live performance at Castaways in Ithaca NY. Money Mars along with Kid Vision and DJ Grumble took over the place and were the opening act for underground hip-hip legend Canibus (LL Cool J feud anyone?). Money Mars is currently recording new tracks at Moving Box Studios and Kid Vision and DJ Grumble are apart of the Moving Box family and have been recording most of their new beats right here at our studio! Keep an eye on these guys big things are coming!