Update 10/28

28 10 2008

This year, Halloween is anything but scary for us here at Moving Box. Between Olympus Burger, Chalk Outlines, Java, and Mike Brindisi, the studio is more exciting than ever before.

Mike Lazzo of Comedy Central’s Adult Swim wants to see the pilot for Olympus Burger, so we’re putting together a press kit for him. Chris is returning to all of the source files of Olympus Burger, fixing any problem he ever came across. He is adding new music composed by our very own Dave Livingston, including Joe Zohar’s smash hit, Dewey Dewey. The most exciting part is that Chris is reanimating the pilot to a true widescreen 1920 X 1080 HD video.

The first trailer of Joe’s Chalk Outlines is coming soon. All but one or two shots are complete, and the film is in for sound design touchups with Ryan Mauk. Joe is working hard with Nicoli Schwiep and Liz McLelland to finish the Rotoscoping for the film.

Matt Lenz is finishing up the lip-syncing for Java. The front shots are complete and the only thing left in this fun for anyone film is a few profile shots.

In addition to all of this, Dave is working hard with Mike Brindisi and the New York Rock. The group has been in and out of the studio for a few weeks now. There are only a few songs left to record guitar on and the album is pushing ahead.

Possibly the coolest thing going on at the moment is the show reel being compiled for the Olympus Burger press kit. A show reel is roughly 20 seconds of each project Moving Box has completed, chronicling the last year of our progress. The show reel will be released online and will include Java, Chalk Outlines, Olympus Burger, Repentance, Bacon Samurai, Purgatory Pizza, Girls will be Girls, and a selection of documentaries.

Stay Tuned.

HD Olympus Burger

27 10 2008

LINKS: Short Trailer, Full Pilot (15m).

We just got off the phone with Mike Lazzo at Adult Swim!! He wants to see our pilot, so we’re getting a press kit together. I’m going to be counting all the hits and ratings The Pilot has received over all the video sites. NOWS THE TIME TO SHOW YOUR FRIENDS! Head over the new OlympusBurger.com or watch it on NG!

So to the point of this post, I’m back in the murky depths of the Olympus Burger source files, resetting camera angles to true 853 X 480 widescreen for our Press Kit DVD. My Question: Should I upload this new version to newgrounds, or just the HD Video Sites (Crackle, Veoh, Blip.tv)?

I’ve weighed the PROs and CONs here,

Edited Shorter, aprox. 11 minutes (Currently 14:45)
Widescreen sexiness (853X480, will fit HD-TV)
Better composed shots (I can now brave the madness)
Animation enhancement (naturally, with Enzyte)
No copyrighted music

Yet another “Olympus Burger” release but no new episode (Soon! Purgatory Pizza too!)
No copyrighted music

So what do you think? Tell me with your words. They are like vitamins to me! buahahaha!

Cronker of Olyomper Bomper

P.S. Another big thanks to our focus group members! Couldn’t have done it without you.

New Olympus Burger Trailer

26 10 2008

Moving Box Studios is really moving.

A meeting is coming between Mike Lazzo, an Executive Producer of Comedy Central’s Adult Swim, and the staff of Moving Box Studios regarding the flagship animation, Olympus Burger.

Olympus Burger is Moving Box’s longest animation; an award winning full length pilot. Recently, lead animator Chris Davidson released a new trailer with the help of Dave Livingston and Alex Belzer. Dave and Chris also completely re-designed the MySpace page.

The music for the new trailer was done by Dave in Moving Box’s state-of-the-art audio production studio and the first cut of the trailer was completed by Alex. The new trailer contains green screen composite silhouettes of Chris, filmed in Moving Box’s Green-Screen liveroom.

“It’s a good taste for the series,” said Chris. “And the MySpace features some of the characters that are not in the pilot.” The trailer can be viewed on the MySpace page, as well as newgrounds.com.

All of us at Moving Box are extremely excited. Check out the MySpace, add us as a friend, and leave us a comment with your thoughts.

Stay Tuned.

Venture Bros. Season 3 Trailer

3 05 2008

We here at Moving Box love Adult Swim and The Venture Bros. is probably our favorite show on it, so when we saw a link to a new trailer for season 3 on adultswim.com we almost soiled ourselves.

There are a few, let’s say, weird moments, but we’re pretty excited.

Watch it here.