24 01 2010

NEW ART SHOW! Feb 4th 10pm @ Pixel Lounge Ithaca NY 21 and up This will be my 3rd art show at Pixel and I’ll be showing new lego/pixel artwork along with larger scale recreations of some of my more famous tags and some all new stencils! I wont be the only person reping Moving Box Studios at the show. Dj Air Man aka Chris Davidson will be playing a video game/chiptune set followed by Dr.Z aka Joe Zohar pumping house/drum and bass to close out the night! Also my buddy Jake Barber will be there documenting the night and making a video with the footage for the blog! So come check out the new art, party your face off, and dance on people’s graves with the Moving Box staff!

Cutting the Bossk stencil

1 10 2009

MC Death Bear hard at work, cutting his new stencil of Bossk from Star Wars

The Ultimate Warrior VS Stormtroopers

24 09 2009

We did it. MCDeathBear and I completed this little ditty in about two weeks. It’s all your childhood fantasies in the way you always wanted them. That’s right, The Ultimate Warrior from from WWF battling Star Wars Stormtroopers. You’re a nerd right? You get this kind of stuff.

I should warn you, it does include some Gratuitous Violence.

Here’s the video on YouTube:

Recording sound in the recording studio

Working last week

Working on Warrior

21 09 2009

MC Death Bear and Chris “DJ Name” Davidson working on The Ultimate Warrior VS Stormtroopers. Woo fun late night animation session.