Update 2/11/09

12 02 2009

Whatever the weather’s like outside, you can be sure that inside Moving Box Studios, everything’s coming up roses. (forgive me, please)

The Making of The Elephant’s Lullaby has reached it’s second cut, and the final cut is expected by the end of the month. Wanna see how the cutest animation you ever saw was put together? This’ll be the one to watch.

Don’t forget about Java! The pilot has gotten a sound-lock and the picture-lock will be finished next week. Plus, we’ve gotten some awesome additional art by Emily Benning (see the image above). Java will be out this Spring!

We have a full inventory of everything we need to complete Days of Our Lamps 2 – General Popsicle. We just had a shoot at a local hospital and have a new action sequence planned – it’s gonna be epic! Don’t let the sequel status fool you…this Summer blockbuster is gonna make you think in a whole new way about lamps and popsicles.

We’re working on a cut for a highlight reel of completed Moving Box productions. It’ll be featured on our website when it’s done, so keep a lookout for that!

Moving Box Studios is launching a new service called Ithaca Tape to Disc. If you have any old home video tapes, you probably know by now that they wear down, and this service is the perfect solution – we’ll convert your tapes to digital format! More details to follow.

Days of our lamps Promo

2 12 2008

Days of our Lamps 2

31 01 2008